Our client approach at Brown Public Relations is to make our clients smarter, more innovative, and enthusiastic about their communications programs because of our joint efforts. This agency believes in educating our clients so they can not only make informed decisions, but have the confidence needed in running their businesses or organizations effectively.

We believe this is a good time to remind each of you- our clients and partners- how this agency utilizes digital properties, files, and other assets used in performing Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and Advertising strategies on your behalf.

Since Fall 2016, Brown Public Relations has been migrating to a 70/30 digital office. This means that 70% of our client’s work “live” in secure cloud spaces. In the event of physical hardware failure, loss, or catastrophe, our client’s work can be accessed digitally, anyplace or anytime. These type of files include documents such as: PR Strategy/Overview, Marketing Strategy/Plans, Advertising Campaign Development Processes, Creative Briefs, Project Work-Throughs.

The remaining files may include Graphic/Audio/Video or other creative works we may have included on our client’s behalf. These items live on an External Hardrives, which are only connected to internet sources during the backup process.

At any given time, we actively manage between 8-13 online marketing platforms for our clients. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite or other social media handles, website logins, and email marketing campaigns. We do not digitally store client passwords, emails, and usernames together on physical devices (computers, laptops), nor do we store them in locations accessed by the internet (inbox messages, password keepers, etc.)

Additionally, our agency never asks clients or partners to send via email Usernames along with passwords to manage any digital platform.

Usernames are stored in secure cloud spaces with a client ID number. Passwords are recorded (in pencil) “out of context” and stored in locked location.

All credit card numbers and digital payment platforms are secured by Intuit Payment Network. We do not store credit cards numbers, expiration dates, addresses, or any identifiable information.

We appreciate the trust and confidence you have shown in Brown Public Relations throughout the last six years.

With care,

Eddie Brown Jr. | CEO & Founder

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